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def virtManager::IPy::IP::__add__ (   self,

Emulate numeric objects through network aggregation

Definition at line 954 of file IPy.py.

00954                             :
        """Emulate numeric objects through network aggregation"""
        if self.prefixlen() != other.prefixlen():
            raise ValueError, "Only networks with the same prefixlen can be added."
        if self.prefixlen < 1:
            raise ValueError, "Networks with a prefixlen longer than /1 can't be added."
        if self.version() != other.version():
            raise ValueError, "Only networks with the same IP version can be added."
        if self > other:
            # fixed by Skinny Puppy <skin_pup-IPy@happypoo.com>
            return other.__add__(self)
            ret = IP(self.int())
            ret._prefixlen = self.prefixlen() - 1 
            return ret

def parseAddress(ipstr):

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